After months of collecting data, you need to make sense of it. SUMMETIX ensures market research teams can increase productivity, and quality of their recommendations.


Real research impact

Where a lot of text must be analysed, SUMMETIX allows researchers to spend more time on making sense of the data – than reviewing it. By clustering arguments, researchers can get a head start on what research participants think, and easily compare how opinions have changed over time.

By understanding emerging trends when they happen, you can participate in shaping the trend – rather than acting on something that has already happened. This could be particularly interesting to political researchers and other players in the policy ecosystem.

Innovation by argument mining

To prepare a market research study, SUMMETIX can discover trends and patterns in your and external data much earlier than current technology. This means you could optimise your study before launching it, saving time, effort, and money. Once the study has been done, any qualitative output can also be processed in SUMMETIX to help you make sense of the data.

SUMMETIX’ visual presentation of the data also helps when summarising your research findings in reports for decision makers.

In a world that is flooded with data, access to the relevant pieces of information is essential.

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • Use your personalized language model
  • Detect the unknown unknowns
  • Find churn drivers
  • Understand how to win against your competition

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SUMMETIX turns data into actionable insights

Filter Arguments

Highlight the most insightful arguments

Less data required for meaningful Gen AI
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Aggregate Insights

Logically group meaningful arguments

faster than humans without compromising quality
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Detect Anomalies

Automatically detect anomalies ahead of time

Months earlier than current methods
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