Discover hidden insights in customer feedback and complex qualitative data. SUMMETIX uses proprietary Argument Mining and large language models to discover patterns and trends that will change your business.

How does it Work


Which are pro and con arguments?

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data reduction


Which arguments can be grouped?

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human performance


Which groups occur with which product?

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improvement through fine-tuning


Which anomalies arise?

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months earlier


How costly are my product problems to my business?

Directly assess the financial impact of product issues 



Reduce customer feedback

In the first step, customer feedback is reduced to the core information, i.e. meaningful statements about specific error patterns, but also the strengths of a product.

Cluster similar statements

In the next step, similar groups of such statements are combined into clusters containing repeatedly mentioned product problems and strengths.

Generate insights

Correlate: Which anomalies arise?

Clusters are correlated with customer feedback metadata like a production date, a product line, or sales market.

Instead of NPS, we use calculate non-recommendations and resulting churn to help you prepare specific actions for product development and improvement.

We use the power of generative AI to answer any other questions you might have, based only on true feedback which can be traced back.

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