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Organizations have access to huge amounts of text data but harnessing its business potential is still a major challenge. ArgumenText offers the solutions. We use Text Mining, Deep Learning and Big Data Analytics to unleash the potential of unstructured data and to integrate unused assets into decision-making processes.

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Piktogramm Text Mining

Text Mining

State-of-the-art text mining methods add pertinent meaning to unstructured texts.

Piktogramm Deep Learning

Deep Learning

Advanced machine learning techniques ensure high precision in your applications.

Piktogramm Big Data

Big Data

Scalable infrastructures process huge amounts of textual data in record time.

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Argument Search

in Big Data

Our technology allows searching large document collections for arguments. In response to a user-defined topic, neural networks determine relevant pro and con arguments in real-time, and represent them in a concise summary. Decision-relevant information can be found much faster and complex decision-making processes can be significantly improved by exploiting the potential of large text collections. Applied to text streams like news streams or social media, latest trends and innovations can be discovered with ease.

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Dec 18, 2018 ArgumenText accompanies Hessian delegation to Silicon Valley

In December, ArgumenText's Johannes Daxenberger joined a company mission to San Francisco organised by Hessen Trade & Invest (HTAI). ArgumenText extracts pro and con arguments from Big Data (e.g. websites) through Deep Learning. The technology enables innovation assessment and trend recognition in various sectors. Various startups and transfer-oriented research projects from Hesse participated in the delegation. Getting to know the American market, especially the tech scene in Silicon Valley, was the top priority for the delegetaion. The agenda included visits to big and smaller tech companies in and around San Francisco (LinkedIn and SAP, among others), pitch meetings, networking events and a visit to the Stanford University. The American market – and in particular, Silicon Valley – is an important opportunity for German startups and tech companies, not just because of the higher amount of venture capital. ArgumenText aims to establish contact with the American market but also to get to know innovative business models in the software sector.

Nov 30, 2018 Invited talks in Vienna and Basel

ArgumenText's Iryna Gurevych spoke on "Natural Language Processing for Automated Fact-Checking" at the Fake News and Other AI Challenges Conference in Vienna on November 30th. More details at Language Intelligence. In another invited talk, Iryna spoke about "Let's Debate: Natural Language Processing at a Large Scale" at Novartis in Basel on November 26th.

Nov 15, 2018 ArgumenText at the 2nd Hessian Innovation Congress Frankfurt

We will present ArgumenText at the 2nd Hessian Innovation Congress in Frankfurt on Thursday November 15th. Looking forward to see you there.

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