Unlocking competitive advantage with AI argument clustering


How do you best capture emerging trends before it is too late? summetix changes the landscape with its powerful argument clustering capabilities.

It’s time to retire the word cloud. While it may provide a surface-level understanding, it often falls short in revealing the deeper context behind the data.  Run a word cloud on customer reviews for instance, and the word ‘pretty’ is likely to turn up. This may explain what is said, but not why – is your product pretty bad, pretty good, or just pretty?

With the summetix proprietary large language model, context can be derived from language. Similar arguments are intelligently clustered, providing a nuanced understanding of sentiments and themes. Moreover, the sentiment analysis works on both your own and public data sources, which means you can also use summetix for analyzing competitors. As the clustering is fully automated, you may even discover new insights.

Take the example of a company developing a new product. summetix can provide insights into unmet needs of competitor products, giving an objective data foundation for product development decisions. This data-driven approach ensures that initiatives are rooted in objective insights rather than assumptions.

Don’t be stuck on outdated methodologies like word clouds – implement AI and large language models in your work today! Click here to book a meeting with us!

clustering example with specific insights (airport)

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