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With SUMMETIX, go beyond social listening to identify emerging issues, and increase your relevance to commercial stakeholders.



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Crisis Response

Manage Stakeholder Relationships

Corporate Communications and Investor Relations teams are often reacting to external events. With SUMMETIX, these teams can put themselves in the driver’s seat. SUMMETIX can train its models to detect when critical events happen in your industry.

This is one of several capabilities that can help support functions to proactively manage stakeholder relationships instead of being on the back foot.

How it works

As an example, SUMMETIX can monitor media outlets in your selected vertical and market. Even as different source languages are used, SUMMETIX can detect trending topics while these are emerging.

By clustering similar issues, and plotting these on a timeline – corporate functions can easier support management with input for decision-making. Alerts can be configured, ensuring that SUMMETIX provides an early warning system. By knowing about potential issues earlier, you can better anticipate trends and act with more confidence.

How does it Work

Filter Arguments

Highlight the most insightful arguments

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Less data required for meaningful Gen AI

Aggregate Insights

Logically group meaningful arguments

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faster than humans without compromising quality

Detect Anomalies

Automatically detect anomalies ahead of time

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Months earlier than current methods

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