Public Sector

Public sector officials have access to a lot of data that can be difficult to make sense of. SUMMETIX can process all your relevant data fast – and find patterns that help you to better serve your residents.


Assessing relevance is difficult

Public officials are faced with a near-bottomless source of qualitative data. SUMMETIX helps government staff to quickly prepare concise material for decision making, by picking up key patterns and crafting recommendations.

Government agencies can utilise SUMMETIX technology to analyze legislative documents, policy proposals, and public discourse surrounding key issues. We can assist in identifying and categorizing arguments, stakeholder perspectives, and underlying rationale, enabling you to assess the strengths, weaknesses, and potential impact of proposed policies.

Let the AI assistant do the boring work

Our LLM-based sentiment analysis tools provide real-time insights into public attitudes, concerns, and preferences, informing policymaker decision-making and communication strategies. You can integrate social media feeds, online forums, and news articles into our data platform to monitor public sentiment, evaluate impact, identify emerging trends, and gauge public perceptions of government initiatives. We believe this makes SUMMETIX one of the most powerful tools available when crafting policy and campaign strategy.

In a world that is flooded with data, access to the relevant pieces of information is essential.

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • Use your personalized language model
  • Detect the unknown unknowns
  • Find churn drivers
  • Understand how to win against your competition

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SUMMETIX turns data into actionable insights

Filter Arguments

Highlight the most insightful arguments

Less data required for meaningful Gen AI
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Aggregate Insights

Logically group meaningful arguments

faster than humans without compromising quality
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Detect Anomalies

Automatically detect anomalies ahead of time

Months earlier than current methods
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