Gain insightful and actionable perspectives on trends, emerging opportunities, and potential threats within specific industries.  


Tell your clients something they do not know

Turning around client proposals quickly, and with high quality is crucial for management consulting firms. With increasing data volumes, you may need innovative solutions to streamline your consulting processes. This is where Summetix comes in to save you time, and set you apart.

A key use case for summetix is to derive insights your clients have not considered. We dig deep to provide you what’s beyond the obvious, expediting the process via tools that will set you apart from your competitors when delivering. You find out not just what’s not working, but how it’s not working to help your client navigate complex challenges, make informed decisions, and drive sustainable growth.

With summetix, you can integrate client-specific data sets, including financial reports, customer feedback, and operational metrics, into the consulting process. This makes it easier to navigate uncertainty, capitalize on opportunities, and achieve sustainable success in today’s dynamic business environment.


Knowing your customers’ customer

Summetix understands context and summarises the extracted arguments. This provides insightful and actionable perspectives on  trends, emerging opportunities, and potential threats within specific industries. We use Argument Mining techniques to extract key arguments, claims, and evidence from vast volumes of industry reports, market analyses, and competitor studies. You can of course also add your own sources.

As a management consulting firm, you can use summetix to funnel data from public and private sources; and share original findings with your clients that normally would take much longer to discover. Our algorithm helps you identify and visualize underlying rationale, justifications, and conflicting viewpoints within the client data, enabling you to derive actionable insights and formulate evidence-based recommendations.

In a world that is flooded with data, access to the relevant pieces of information is essential.

Next Generation Customer Intelligence

  • Use your personalized language model
  • Detect the unknown unknowns
  • Find churn drivers
  • Understand how to win against your competition

How does it Work


Which are pro and con arguments?

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data reduction


Which arguments canb be grouped?

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human performance


Which groups occur with which product?

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improvement through fine-tuning


Which anomalies arise?

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months earlier


How costly are my product problems to my business?

Directly assess the financial impact of product issues 



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